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Customizable 3D Layered Acrylic Stir Sticks (Set of 10) 


1. Product Overview: To assist DIY couples in accessing semi-custom accessories for their wedding day, our Semi-Custom DIY 3D Acrylic Monogram 7.5” Cocktail Stir Sticks allow you to participate in creating your wedding day decor. You will receive 10 Stir Stick Blanks, 10 Custom Acrylic Monograms with 3M adhesive, and an Assembly Template. All you have to do is peel, stick, and stir!


2. Customization Options: Choose from 3 styles of Monograms, 4 styles of stir sticks, and 7 different acrylic colour options to customize your drink stir sticks. Stir sticks can be requested to be shorter or longer depending on the drink ware size at the event.


3. How to Customize:


- Choose your Monogram Style: Please view the description photo for each style.

- Choose your Blank Style: Select one of the 4 styles we offer.

- Choose your Blank Colour: Choose your background (stir stick colour). Our basic colours are clear, frost, black, white, gold mirror, silver mirror, and rose gold mirror. 

- Choose your Monogram Colour: Monogram colours include black and white.


4. Preview or Mockup: We provide digital mockups for all our products. All order includes 1 free revision. 

5. Quality and Materials: All part are cut from high quality acrylics from local suppliers in Ontario.


Stir Sticks: 1.5” x 7.5”. Monogram for Round & Arch: W: 0.875”, Monogram for Scallop and Wavy: W: 0.75”. Please note that the monogram is fragile and should be handled with care. We use high-quality 3M backing adhesive, which will permanently adhere acrylic together.


6. Approval Process: We will provide a preview of your Monogram design for approval before cutting. If you would like to order a fully custom monogram for your stir sticks, please contact us here for an estimate.


7. Production Time: Once we receive your approval, your custom stir sticks will take 2-14 business days to complete. If you require a different size blank or specialty acrylic, please contact us here for an estimate.


8. Customer Support: Due to the custom nature of this product, we won't be able to accept refunds or exchange. However, please email us at if there are any issues with your order.


9. Shipping and Delivery: We use Canada Post Expedited Parcel Service to deliver our products. We also offer other business owners the option to send us their labels and encourage local pick-up.


10. Personalization Examples: Please refer to the displayed photos for examples and design information.

Semi-Custom DIY 3D Acrylic Layered Monogram 7.5” Cocktail Stir Sticks Set

  • Use warm, soapy water and a sponge or microfiber cloth: You do not need to use any additional chemicals to clean acrylic. Make sure to clean with soft materials and not apply too much pressure to avoid scratching the material.

    Avoid using anything containing ammonia: Ammonia is a no-go chemical around acrylic as it can cause the plastic to turn cloudy, ruining the appearance of your plastic. You should also avoid items such as window and glass cleaners.

    Leave to air dry or use a clean cloth: Do not wipe your acrylic with paper towels or materials with a rough surface. Leaving acrylic to air-dry is absolutely fine. 

  • 1. No Refunds or Exchange. Please check all items in your cart prior processing your payment.

    2. Merchandises are made-to-order unless specified. 

    3. Check your merchandise at curbside pick-up.

    4. Any Order that is not picked up after 15 days shall be deemed abandon 

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